As I’m sure happens on every long trip, the last week was a bit of a crazy rush, even after careful planning! I had applied for a visa to work in the UK, and had sent it off in what I thought had been plenty of time (the website said 3 weeks, and I’d given them 4 to be safe!) I had finally had to ring up and cancel it, or risk not having a passport to leave for the US of A.

In the meantime, there was my luggage. You’re allowed to take 2 check in suitcases when travelling, if your itinerary goes through the USA, and I had BARELY managed to get it down to that…and still had an extra box (of 5!) of stuff to pack up to take to Dads storage unit. Thank heavens for Mum, she managed to get my stuff down to one bag, and I managed to distribute the rest of my stuff around my friends (some of which I still haven’t got back!). I was, after all, previous to that, not sure when I was coming back, and didn’t want to pay rent on a place I wasn’t using, and couldn’t really afford.

Managed to get all the small stuff that needed doing, done, including (slightly secretly) sending myself a parcel of stuff to camp. BUT, my passport still hadn’t arrived by Thursday, the day before I was leaving. After much running around on my and Mums behalf, including driving out to the airport to pick it up*, only to find they’d already left with it, despite us having told them NOT to, we eventually managed to get it back in my hot little hands. Where it didn’t leave for the next 24 hours!

By that stage it was time to get ready for my farewell dinner at Wagamama’s, which was very relaxing!



* Mum driving me anywhere isn’t a mean feat. She shares her car with a friend, because she lives right in town and doesn’t have anywhere to park it, so we had to contact said friend, arrange to pick it up, catch the bus to where the car was, drive to the airport (about 20 minutes out of town, which seemed like a lot at the time!), find out my passport wasn’t there, have a small panic attack and start crying, Mum goes in and sorts it out (gotta love Mum!), and then RACE back to the apartment to find the courier van. Which we did, luckily!