The morning of my departure (not like that for anyone who loves Magorium as much as I do!) I woke up, had poached eggs and bacon for breakfast with Mum, and then we went for a walk down Lambton Quay. I released a few books that really just wouldn’t fit in my pack, and we eventually ended up at a jewellers so I could choose a St. Christopher necklace (which I’ve worn pretty much ever since).

After choosing a necklace, we went back to Mums apartment, probably had an early lunch, and then caught the bus to the airport. Wasn’t terribly sad to say goodbye (sorry Mum!), although I was a bit nervous!

My plane left at 4pm, and wasn’t terribly memorable, although we did have a beautiful sunset out the window πŸ™‚

Landed without any issues in Auckland at 5pm, and Kirsty and Erik were there to meet me πŸ˜€ We exchanged books and chocolate, and then grabbed some dinner together. I think I had pasta. An hour or so after my flight landing, Megan’s flight landed, and we made our way over to the international terminal. Said goodbye to Kirsty and Erik, and went through security, which wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. Skipped duty free, and just headed straight for the gate.

Unfortunately, when we got to the gate, it was announced that there was something wrong with the air bridge, which meant that all the people who had had their boarding passes had to wait in one area, while the rest of were kept in another part. Luckily Megan had some jet planes to chew on while we waited!

Eventually they moved the plane, and we all got relocated, and boarded the plane. Megan and I were a few rows apart from each other, and I got a window seat, so we didn’t get to talk to each other really on the flight. This did mean I got to watch 3 excellent movies though, Inkheart, The Reader, and Wall-E, as well as a couple of Flight of The Conchords episodes. Obviously I didn’t get a lot of sleep!

And then we landed…..