I flew in to New York, and after an eventful few hours where I had a number of fails (couldn’t find the at&t store at terminal 4 and then got charged an arm and a leg to get from JFK where I landed, to La Guardia where MissMarkey and Lytteltonwitch were landing), managed to get to the youth hostel we’re staying in (HI New York) and checked in, and find K-J-H, who had arrived earlier on the train from Chicago.

I didn’t get a very good nights sleep, I fell asleep ok, but kept waking up glued to the bottom of the bed (gotta love those plastic mattresses (yes, I do have a sheet over it)), or too cold, or needing to blow my nose, needing to go to the toilet, etc, etc, etc. There were also a couple of snorers (one high pitched, one low pitched) who didn’t help much. I woke up about 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so lay there tossing and turning, until I must have drifted off a few hours later.

Got woken up about 8am by MissMarkey and Lytteltonwitch chatting quietly, and after about half an hour (and someone asking us to be quiet) we got up, I showered, and we all had breakfast at the hostel (not provided in the cost of an economy bunk or whatever it’s called, but still fairly cheap).

After eating Kev came down and we started planning our day/s. Kev and I wanted to go to MoCCa festival so we decided that we’d do that, and the others would go off and geocache in Central Park, and then we’d meet at the horse carriage tours at the end of CP.

Kev and I headed off to MoCCa, where I got to meet one of my favourite comic artists, Jeph Jacques!

Jeph Jacques

I’d heard he liked tim tams, so I took him some of those, and in return got a drawing for Alkaline-kiwi 😀

We spent a couple of hours browsing. Admittedly I’m not as much into the comic scene as Kev is, so didn’t know of many people there, but I enjoyed looking around at other people’s art! And I got a huge bag of postcards from lots of different artists. I was definitely tempted by a few of the things, but was really good and didn’t buy anything (I really should’ve got the Pompeii fun run AD79 tshirt though!)

After we’d had a good browse we headed back to the metro station, I got some lunch on the way, and made our way back to Central Park. Kev bought a hot dog for lunch (I kinda made him :p) and we spent about an hour trying to find the others. Turns out we were at opposite sides of Central Park. We eventually found each other and the carriage tours, which MissMarkey really wanted to do.

Finding a cache

Finding a cache

After the tour, MM and LW said they had a cache they wanted to find that they thought they pretty much knew where it was, so we scrambled around a rocky outcrop looking for it, and eventually finding it 😀

Then they said there was one not too far away again, so we walked up Central Park a bit, and had a bit of a look, but couldn’t find that one.

Can’t remember how many times that happened, I only remember finding one, but that doesn’t mean it’s true :p

We also went past Strawberry Fields which was pretty cool. Someone, or a few people had done some cool art with real strawberries that was neat!

Eventually we were almost back at the hostel, and we were pretty hungry, so we stopped at a pizza place to get delicious New York pizza (first time I think I’ve had broccoli on pizza!), and then headed back to the hostel, where I uploaded pictures, and started writing this entry. Internet was pretty crappy and kept cutting out, and I lost about 3/4 of the entry and was too tired and frustrated to write it again, so I went to bed.