I slept much better that night, and woke up at a fairly normal hour. We all met down at the internet area for breakfast, ate, and figured out what we were going to do that day. I rang up the people in charge of the Statue of Liberty boat tours, and was told that they were booked out today, but free the next day, so we booked ourselves onto that, and decided to get one of the get-on-get-off bus tours for that day.

We headed down to Times Square, where we’d been told we could get tickets for the buses, bought our tickets, and got on the Green line (Downtown). The tour guide was interesting, he seemed obsessed with ways to save money in New York, which was ok for a while, but got a little boring eventually. I really wanted to go visit Ground Zero, so we got off there, and had a short look at a church (St. Paul’s Chapel) in front of it that had a display about the day. Very interesting, and there were some books for sale inside, including one childrens’ one that looked good, but there was no one at the shop, just lots of people watching some sort of concert, so I couldn’t buy anything (probably a blessing in disguise!).

Ground Zero


We headed around to Ground Zero (after getting slightly lost) to have a look, but it just seemed like a really big construction site, so we decided to go have a look at the museum dedicated to what’s happening to the site. I bought a postcard of what the memorial is going to look like, it’s very green, and looks like it’ll be nice!

After that we decided to walk down to Battery Park, right on the tip of New York, and we bought subway for lunch on the way. I almost left my camera in the toilet, but remembered it thank heavens! We walked down to the Battery, had a look at Clinton Castle, and then ate our lunch looking out towards the Statue of Liberty. Took a few pictures, but none that were really good.

New York Skyline from Staten Island Ferry

After lunch we walked around the waterfront, and decided to get on the free Staten Island ferry, because the weather forecast for the next day wasn’t looking great, so we thought at least we’d get some good pics of the Statue going past on the ferry. We did that, I took a tonne of pics going past the island. We managed to get really good seats on the right side of the ferry which helped! We were also followed all the way by the Coast Guard, gun out the front, which we all joked was for us. After getting off the ferry on Staten Island, we got back in the queue to get onto the ferry again. It was a different ferry (not sure how that works) and we didn’t get nearly as good seats, but we’d all gotten pretty good pictures, so we didn’t mind too much.

Got off the ferry, and walked around to where the bus stop was, and waited in line for the bus. The queue was really weird, the first bus stopped in the wrong place (according to the sign), and lots of people were queue jumping (grr), but we managed to get on the second or third bus, and get back to Times Square.

We decided that since it was such a clear night, we’d do the night tour, which was also included in our ticket (although not a hop-on-hop-off tour), and still had an hour or so till the first one left, so we went and found a pizza place for dinner. Don’t remember what it was called, but the pizza was average, and the toilets disgusting!

After eating we walked back to the bus stop and lined up for a bus. We didn’t have to wait too long, and managed to get on upstairs (thank heavens!). I was glad I had extra clothes though, because it was getting cold!

New York Night Lights


This bus driver was much more interesting, and we drove down and across to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a bit bumpy and we were moving a bit fast for me to take any decent photos, but we stopped for a few minutes on a side street with a fantastic view of the city skyline and lights!

After stopping, we drove back across the Brooklyn Bridge, and started driving up 6th Ave. There was a heap of traffic, and we kept hearing fire trucks which was a bit scary. I think we ended up seeing about 3 or 4. The tour guide said the last time she’d seen that many trucks was when there’d been a bomb in Times Square, but we didn’t see/hear anything after that, so not sure what was going on!

When the bus got back, we were pretty tired, so headed back to the Metro, and went back to the hostel. I think I spent a bit of time uploading more pictures to flickr and then went to bed.