You may remember that the previous day I had booked us on to go out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I don’t actually remember how we got there (given that this was now a year ago, it’s not totally surprising!), but I would presume that we took the metro. I’m sure Kev can confirm or deny! Anyway, we got there somehow (obviously), and managed to find the right place to pick up our tickets (although this was rather confusing I recall), then I think we actually got to skip straight to the front of the queue because we already had tickets. Got through security and got onto the next boat.

When we got the the Statue of Liberty, we took a walk around it, and I was glad I had warm clothes and a jacket as it started spitting while we were there. After having a bit of a look around (and obviously taking a photo of us all in front of it!) it started to rain more heavily so we made our way to the shop (I purchased a Passport to the National Parks and the sticker/stamp for Liberty Island) and then went to wait for the next ferry to Ellis Island.

It took a while, but eventually a ferry showed up and we huddled inside out of the rain. I think Ellis Island was the unexpected wonder of New York – one of those things I thought would be good to go see and was surprised at how interesting it was when I got there! I really wish we had had more time to look around, and I’m so glad we did one of the free tours of the place! It still fills me with wonder, all the stories of people that have gone through there.

I think we got on the last boat back to Manhattan, and then went back to the hostel for an earlyish night.